Our Value

As consultants, we have access to 100’s of carriers, allowing the ability to create the most optimal and diverse solution for your company. We are an extension of your IT department bringing in the best services from the best carriers to address your specific needs. We are an active participant, long after the contracts are signed, we are still there as your liaison to manage carriers and trouble shoot, even years later.


Custom Approach
Cost Savings
Carrier Competition
Access to 100’s of Carriers
Long Term Quality Customer Support
Multiple Carrier Solution Options

How Your Business Benefits Using a Consultant

We bring a design Engineer’s eye to your company’s challenges with solutions that come with multiple options and companies vying for your business.


Options & Creativity – We provide options and designs from multiple carriers who bring their creativity and value. We ensure that our clients have all the info they need to select the best solution with confidence.


Access to Carriers –  Our Group has access to 100s of carriers and service providers, that in most cases, clients are unaware of. We know which carriers best meets the client’s particular needs, saving them time and money trying to determine who should be involved in the project.


Competition equals Lower Cost – We bring the best in class providers to the table and then manage the design, sales, provisioning processes, as well as the multiple suppliers. Eliminating the significant time a company must invest to determine what suppliers they should be looking for. 


Competition equals Lower Cost – We cultivate competition, providing a better design at a lower cost.


Long Term & Quality Customer Support – Once engaged, we provide ongoing sales and service support that lasts for years (not days). Our customers stay with us for an average of 15 years plus. The carriers may change but we are the constant that customers appreciate and value.

We Save You Money.

It’s something that naturally happens when we are involved. You will save money and we never charge you a dime to make that you do. We get paid by the carriers.

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