Cloud Services

The Cloud is providing companies’ with previously unparalleled productivity and savings by eliminating the constant investments in premise based hardware and software. Licensing, Maintenance, Software Upgrades, etc. create significant management challenges that require increases in your capital budget and the need to add sophisticated personnel to manage everything. The Cloud eliminates those challenges. Let us tell you how the Cloud can help you.

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What is the Cloud?

In its simplest form the Cloud is used whenever enterprises house their data, applications and equipment in a place other than their own physical locations.


Why would they do this? What are the advantages of putting data and applications in the Cloud?

Cloud services providers use carrier grade data centers that include redundant:

      • Power with generators
      • Carrier entrances to their data centers
      • Systems within the data center
      • Data centers

Cloud service providers often:

      • Eliminate the customer’s responsibility of paying for and coordinating maintenance for hardware
      • Eliminate the customer’s responsibility of paying for and coordinating software license renewals
      • Often reduces the customer’s responsibility for help desk services for many of the services supplied by the cloud

How Can You Take Advantage of the Cloud?

1. Co-Location Services
allows a customer who needs to (or wants to) maintain full control of their network to rent space at a data center where they install their own equipment and applications to take advantage of the redundancies data centers provide (see above). Co-Lo service providers provide a la carte services like Cages, Racks, redundant power, carrier connectivity and often hands on technical support.


2. NaaS – Network as a Service
is the sale of network services from third parties to customers that don’t want to build their own networking infrastructure. NaaS packages networking resources, services, and applications as a product that can be purchased for a number of users, usually for a contracted period of time.


3. SaaS – Software as a Service
Over dedicated services or over a your current Internet service (Bring Your Own Bandwidth – BYOB). SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) uses IP facilities to connect VoIP services to traditional PBXs and eliminate the more expensive TDM based POTs and PRI connections.


4. SECaaS – Security as a Service
Security is critical today. So critical that its been said that if you are not spending 30% or more of your IT budget on Security services then you are falling short of adequately securing your network. We can’t completely agree with that statement. Every company is different. What we do know is that there are thousands of different combinations of companies and products being used and almost all of them depend on employees not opening things they shouldn’t while on the network or at home and bringing the problem with them to the office.


So, what is the solution? First, be a realist and concede that it’s not “if” you have a data breach but “when”. Once you’ve made that decision then we can help you design a solution that proactively monitors your network using AI based software combined with a Security Operations Center (SOC) maned with Tier 1 security engineers doing nothing but making sure your network is secure.


5. AWS/Azure/Google Cloud/IBM
These are the major players providing Server colocation services used by most of the Cloud service providers and Business to Business enterprises. Connecting to these networks come from specialty carriers and we can help get you connected.

"During my career at Panduit I had the great opportunity to engage Stephen's expertise in many projects associated with telecommunications services, architectures, solutions and products. Based on his extraordinary abilities in understanding complex designs and then identifying multiple options for any type of requirements, the end result of every project with which he has assisted us has always consisted of an optimal solution, with unbeatable associated contractual terms of service. In time - based on the flawless execution of all his work and his capability of teaming up with our internal technical groups - we have started considering Stephen an almost full member of our groups (network and communications), willing participant in initial whiteboard sessions, when actual projects have just been barely taking shape. I would recommend Stephen as the best partner for any serious company willing to take advantage of a highly skilled professional in the area of data and voice services, and a great overall team player."
Stefan Mititelu
Director, BTP Infastructure and Operations, SC Johnson