Communication Services

Hosted VoIP services are making premise based hone systems obsolete. The costs for premise based systems compared to Cloud based services is significantly in favor of the Hosted svc, often saving you money (almost immediately in some cases) while providing a much more robust feature set and the potential to integrate with a customer’s Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software (i.e., Sales Force).

Communication Service Options

Communicating with your customers, suppliers and employees no longer relies on just picking up the phone and making a call. It  includes connecting with customers using the tools they like to use which includes Social Media, Texting, Email, Voice Mail, and blogs. It means giving customers and employees access to company resources 24/7 365 days a year from any device worldwide.

How We Address Communications Needs

1. Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) Services
There are 100s of suppliers providing Hosted VoIP services. McGarry Consulting Group knows which carriers are the best fit for your business. and we bring multiple options to the customer. Competition drives creativity, decreases costs and increases productivity.


2. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
UCaaS is changing how companies are doing business. It allows your people to connect to your customers and suppliers more effectively and in real time. Your people will be able to increase their productivity while also communicating with your customers the way your customers want to communicate with your business. Real time connections with people isn’t just done with a Voice call. Its done by allowing your customers to:

  • “Chat” with your people while browsing your website
  • Text with your people while on their cell phone
  • Add in Faxing, Voice Mail and Integrated Voice Response options

3. SIP Trunking
Over dedicated svcs or over a your current Internet svc (Bring Your Own Bandwidth – BYOB). SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) uses IP facilities to connect VoIP svcs to traditional PBXs and eliminate the more expensive TDM based POTs and PRI connections.


4. One Carrier & One Bill Nationwide
Telecom Inventory Reduction and/or the aggregation of the many Carriers and services into a single Carrier who provides a single point of contact and a single bill. These carriers eliminate a customer having to research and chase down the local carrier for voice and internet svcs every time they open a new facility. Aggregators carry extremely large contracts with the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) and buy services at significantly lower costs and then “resell” the services to you at lower cost than
the LEC would charge you! They also provide services like Proactive Monitoring of your Internet over Cable (IOC) services where they automatically open trouble tickets with the IOC provider whenever the they cannot ping the premise router/modem. This increases the availability of the svc and frees your IT staff to manage other projects.

Project Management Consulting

When & How We Can Help:



Starting a New Business – Have our Carrier’s fight for your business with an approach that makes sense for your industry.


Changing Carrier Services – The decision to move from one Carrier’s service to another can be daunting; independent consultants can help bring competition for the right price and manage the Carrier’s provisioning.


Moving Locations – When moving from one site to another an independent consultant will coordinate the move or transition of your carrier’s services.


Determining Bill Statements – We can analyze the Carrier bills to ensure not only that you’re being billed accurately.



Unlimited Options – Independent consultants have the ability to work with any carrier, allowing for competition, customization and multi-carrier solutions.


Understanding the Carrier – We understand the carrier’s system and ordering processes both for new businesses and relocations.


Contractual Knowledge & Expertise – Helping you navigate contractual obligations and wether they align with your business goals, as well as termination liability and possible work arounds.


Control – Independent consultants have access to multiple contacts to escalate situations and ensure Carrier accountability.

We are experts in dealing with the Carriers and you are experts at running your business.
So bring the experts to the table!

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